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'Exploring Purple'... & red - a free mystery quilt.
centre block of medallion pieced quilt
The 'Exploring Purple' quilt is a medallion pieced quilt and there will be free monthly instructions for each step.                   
I am making mine as a multi-fabric quilt in black, purple, red & orange and I am choosing to use predominately large prints.  It will also work well as a two colour quilt, (either multi-fabric,  or only two) or as a scrap quilt.
In the middle of each month the next set of instructions will be added and the previous set will be removed. If you wish to be notified about the next step just sign up for the free newsletter and you will receive a 'stop press' notice to let you know the next step is available.
The pattern will be available as a free PDF, for you to download - if you miss any of the steps they will be available for sale. Download your PDF as soon as possible so that you do not miss out.
I hope you enjoy this pattern and I would love to see your  finished quilt.
Download your pattern by right clicking on the download link.  Click on the 'save target as' you will then be asked where you want to save it.  Or you can left click and the PDF will open on your screen. You can then save it to a folder.

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Step Five & Six

Centre Block & Step2, 3 & 4 'Exploring Purple'
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Mystery Quilt Pattern Second Step
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Second Step
Please note: You will need to download step four again - The right PDF did not replace the first one I uploaded to the computer. If you have already printed your PDF just print the cutting page of the new PDF.  I have not heard from anyone to tell me that there is a piece missing so I am hoping everyone is waiting to get the complete pattern before starting. Sandra
Step Four
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Step Three
medallion quilt pattern step 3
medallion mystery quilt pattern
Step Six
Step Five
step five in mystery medallion quilt pattern