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Tutorials & tips for tote bags, handbags, purses & quilts
1. The first step is to sew your rectangle of fabric together down each side (to create a smaller rectangle/square envelope).  My rectangle is a quilted piece ready for a handbag, but you do the same for your lining or a solid piece of fabric for a plain tote bag.

2. Next snip the bottom corner into the stitching line so that you can open the side seams and press. 

I will add tutorials to this page, as I make them.  Some times they will cover small tips I think of, as I am designing, playing or making something.  Other times they may be in answer to one of your questions. 

The tutorials may be for all levels including beginners, intermediate and experienced stitchers. I hope you are able to find something useful for your sewing repertoire.

I do read all of your questions to get ideas to add a tutorial to this page, but don't forget to read the tips section in your patterns. The first tutorial is going to be on boxing corners for bags. Even if you are an experienced bag maker have a quick look.  I often find I learn new things about sewing - even checking out tips for beginners.
Folding the side seam to match bottom fold of bag
side seams before boxing corners of tote bags
My quick & easy way to box corners on all bags
3. Now pin (or pencil) mark the fold line on each side so that you can exactly match the side seams to the bottom fold.

4. Now you match the pin in step  3. to the middle of the stitched seam using a pin. Stab the pin through the seam and match the pin
marker on the other side (see pink pin) This will create a  triangle shape which you will then pin flat. (see red pins)
5. Using the centre seam as a
guide, line your tape measure
or ruler up with any number.
(see 22 - there is no need to
pin it - I did that so I could
photograph it) Depending on
the size of the boxed corner
move the tape measure up or
down the seam until the outside
edge on each side matches half the measurement required (the pattern could be 2" so you will only need 1" each side of the seam - in the photograph my boxed corner stitching length is 3 so I will need 1
each side of the middle seam) Pin mark at both sides, then stitch a straight line from pin to pin (you can pencil mark a straight line first - using the edge of the tape measure as a ruler) 
fold or cut the corner triangle after sewing the bag
6. After stitching both sides turn the bag in the right way and check out your box corners and pat yourself on the back for your design choices.  At this point you may choose to cut the point off, leaving a good seam. You can fold the point to the sides or the bottom (check out both)   Now you can make your lining and finish your bag.
Pretty Girl Handbag